Horseback Riding Guide for First Timers

December 27, 2021

Horse Riding Guide for First Timers. 

Riding a horse is not an easy task, and it is totally understandable when first timers get terrified and with zero idea on what to do once mounted on a horse or a pony. Joining horseback riding classes is one of the best ways to overcome ‌fear and be able to control the horse with the help of a professional trainer.

9 Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

1. Wear proper attire

The equestrian club will provide the horse for the lessons and it is recommended to have riding trousers, a helmet, boots with soles made of leather, and comfortable clothing and gloves. Get in touch with the club ahead of time to ask if they will provide the items. Otherwise, purchase these items for safety purposes and as part of the commitment to learn how to ride a horse.

2. Ride with proper posture and relax

Try to stay calm. There should be a well-established connection with the horse to be able to control its movements under one’s command. Horses can detect if something is odd with their rider. They are used to their routine and can sense something unusual about their current environment. Trusting one another is a win-win situation.

3. Be gentle with the horse

It is not unusual for first timers to try imitating what they have seen from other people riding and controlling the movements of the horse, and sometimes, it could result in a different outcome than what is expected to happen. Do not kick the horse or take any actions that could harm the equine. Instead, use the lower body to direct the horse with proper technique discussed by the trainer.

4. Take things slow

In the beginning, a student is not expected to master every skill needed to ride a horse. Spend time listening to the trainer and paying close attention to what they are teaching. Also, feel free to ask questions or call the attention of the trainer, if ever there are bothering instances while in training.

5. Establish two-way communication

Doing this activity requires more than just having great coordination with the horse but also with the trainer. A good trainer will always welcome questions from students at any level. Having conversations with the trainer while doing the training helps lessen nervousness and makes it worthwhile.

6. Stay alert

Riding a horse requires great attention; not only while mounted, but also when the trainer is providing specific instructions. It is a fun thing to do for the first time, but getting distracted once in a while could be inevitable. Stay focused on the training and at the same time, enjoy the experience.

7. Ideal horse for first timers

It is always better to start riding a 10 year-old horse because they have been well trained and of a stable and quiet character compared to younger horses that have the tendency to have more temperament issues. The equestrian club will always provide first timers with a trained horse or pony for a better riding experience and to avoid any possible accidents caused by less experienced young horses.

8. Fuel up!

Although the training can only take less than an hour every session, it is important to have a nice and nutritious meal before that. Also, stay hydrated. It may not seem like a tiring activity, but it is especially if it is sunny. Also, it requires balancing, which involves certain muscle groups; it is like working out while seated.

9. Set horse riding goals

Keeping track of progress and continuously making improvements during training will have great results for both short term and long term goals for horse riding. Setting goals and sharing them with the trainer can help speed up the training and go in the right direction and phase based on them.


Horseback Riding for Groups

Horseback riding can be a great hobby and a great bonding experience with friends, family, and even colleagues. Horse riding lessons can be done by group and it is one of the fun and educational ways to add more highlights to family vacations and trips outside the city with friends or colleagues to relieve stress from work and try something new.

Learning how to ride a horse is one of the prerequisites to learning how to play equestrian polo. This is a great opportunity to showcase horse riding skills and control over the horse’s movements. Moreover, learning how to play polo is a level-up experience of riding a horse that will truly test a rider’s ability to balance while chasing and attempting to hit the ball using a long mallet.

Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club is an equestrian club providing horse riding classes in Ghantoot, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. For more information, use the following contact details:

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