Polo and Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

May 30, 2022

Polo Club in Abu Dhabi

Less than 40mins away from Dubai

The equestrian tradition is alive and well in Abu Dhabi, with a large number of active polo and horse riding clubs. The quality of horses available for purchase or rent is excellent, as is the quality of professional instructors available for horseback riding and equestrian polo.

Set in 300 hectares of lush grassland; Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club boasts world-class polo and equestrian facilities such as horse stables, 8 fields for polo tournaments, clubhouse, and a grandstand that can accommodate 2,000 spectators or fans.

To give you additional information regarding equestrianism in the United Arab Emirates, here are some details that you need to know about the terms polo and equestrian; what makes them different, their relationship, or relevance.


Polo is a sport played on horseback, in which two teams compete to score goals with a ball. It was developed in Persia as some form of hound hunting game, but it’s come to be known as one of the greatest spectator sports in the world. Polo is a team sport that combines elements of speed and strategy with an elegance all its own.

Polo fields are typically grassy or sandy expanses varying from 360 feet by 180 feet (110 meters by 55 meters) to 590 feet by 245 feet (180 meters by 75 meters). They usually have no boundaries on either end—the ball can travel well past the ends of these fields if struck properly—but there are goal posts at each end for scoring purposes. Each team consists of four players.


Equestrian is a sport that involves riding and training horses. Equestrian events include polo, show jumping, eventing, dressage and driving. The most popular equestrian events are polo, show jumping and dressage. Equestrian sports are very popular in the UAE because of the large number of people who own horses in this country. There are many horse farms located around Abu Dhabi Emirate (province) where you can go for a ride or play some games with your friends or family members!


Membership is available for both polo and equestrian. It’s open to both male and female members, as well as residents and non-residents (it varies according to the club’s policy). Individual memberships are also available, should you wish to join solely for your own use or if you don’t have any other family members that would benefit from membership.

Polo Season

The polo season in Abu Dhabi is well underway, and what better way to start than with a Polo and Equestrian Club that offers not only its members but also the public, an opportunity to try out this great sport! Enjoy this special experience with family, friends or colleagues if you’re looking for something different from your usual day-to-day activity. Be on the look out for our future announcements on the list of events that we have for you on to the next season!

@ghantootracingpoloclub Believe us, it's better to watch polo tournaments in person. Join us, next polo season here at Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club! ♬ Sports Music - Saltonbria

About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates; occupying more than 80% of the country’s total area — the largest of the UAE’s seven emirates. The estimated population of the emirate around mid-2016 was 2,908,173 (comprising 1,857,618 males and 1,050,555 females) where 551,535 of them were UAE nationals and 2,356,638 were expatriates. The average annual population growth rate for the years from 2010 to 2016 was 5.6 per cent — according to the Abu Dhabi Statistics Centre’s 2017 Statistical Yearbook.

Sheikh Zayd Grand Mosque
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The emirate has been ruled by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan since 1966, when he became ruler after his father died. Upon taking power over Abu Dhabi Emirate, Sheikh Zayed began implementing economic reforms like reducing subsidies on basic goods like food and fuel so that these items could be sold at market prices instead which made them more affordable for residents who had trouble affording them before this change was made by allowing competition between vendors selling similar products such as food or transportation services where one company could not dominate others through controlling all supply chains needed. In addition, Abu Dhabi is also home to many foreign embassies including those of Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain.

About Ghantoot

Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club, located at Ghantoot; right at the border of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has been hosting prestigious polo events since it was fully operational. It is home to some of the world’s most prestigious polo tournaments including the H.H. President of UAE Polo Cup, Sultan Bin Zayed Polo Cup, and more. Its location is very convenient, especially for everyone around Abu Dhabi and Dubai who would like to experience watching equestrian events, particularly within the polo season.

Ghantoot Area Guide

It is an off-plan development with great features for those seeking leisure and residential properties. The area also has a number of churches, mosques, and temples. For those with private vehicles and or planning to rent a cab or taxi, it is a truly convenient destination since there’s easy access to and from the Sheikh Maktoum highway. On the other hand, aside from the rentable taxis, there is limited public transportation available. From any point in Ghantoot, it could take you around 25 minutes or more for bus and metro stations. Despite that, Ghantoot is filled with fun and exciting features for everyone; a not-so-crowded and peaceful travel destination in the UAE.