The word equestrian is derived from the Latin word equus, which means horse, and the word equestrianism, with a Latin translation of equester. It is commonly known as horse riding (British English) or horseback riding (American English).

Equestrianism includes several disciplines such as but not limited to the following: dressage, eventing, horse jumping, reining, and more.


As an equestrian club, Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club created an online resource of information about equestrianism in general. This page serves as the main hub containing links leading to the right pages.

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Commonly known as horseback riding or having such horse riding skills. Its historical feature can be traced back to ancient times in Greece where the equestrian event dressage was conceptualised as part of the preparation of horses for battle. Moreover, horses were also used for chariot racing.

News & Updates

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Equestrian Events

Yearly, Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club hosts and participates on several prestigious events that are either exclusive or open to the public, especially during the polo season, which starts around the last quarter of the year, during winter season, and when the climate is favourable.


Images taken from several events and polo tournaments during the club’s annual polo season were all categorised and made available to the general public for viewing the highlights of the polo matches. The image collection on the website consist of shots taken from as far back the year 2010 up to present.

Match Statistics

A page containing downloadable PDF file reports containing records of polo matches, tournaments, or events made available to keep anyone on track, as well as we informed regarding the past and recently concluded games among different teams on specific polo tournaments.

Horse Riding School

As a prerequisite to learning how to play polo, Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club is also highly invested in and fully equipped with the right facilities and coaches to teach anyone who is interested in learning how to ride a horse; offering horseback riding lessons for beginners and skilled ones for further training.


Aside from the collection of images, the club has a great collection of videos with scenes and complete records of polo matches and other equestrian events from the year 2010 up to present, are made available for viewing on the website and on Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club’s official YouTube Channel.

Horse Breeding

Being an equestrian club in Abu Dhabi, Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club also have a top-notch horse breeding facility and expertise on breeding certain types of horses. The horses are always treated with utmost care during the process and housed in stables with enough room for movement.

About Polo

Equestrian Polo is one of the popular equine sports worldwide, especially in the UAE and considered as the oldest of all the equestrian sports in history. Modern polo is played between two teams consisting of four players and is played on a lush green field with a 300 by 160-yard land measurement.