Polo for Kids: Teach Them How to Play Polo

December 20, 2021

Easy Way for Your Children to Learn How to Play Polo

Are you looking for other fun activities for your children? Check if you would consider them learning how to play equestrian polo as an option. Although for some parents, it is a bit scary to imagine them riding horses, it is great to consider the experience and the discipline that your children would get from learning this sport.


Polo is a traditional field sport played by many for centuries. It grew out of the ancient Middle East and spread throughout Europe as it was a favored sport for training members of the military. In fact, King Edward III from England established rules for polo in order to set standards for training soldiers. Polo is similar to hockey on horseback and incorporates elements of soccer, basketball and baseball with horses, riders, and mallets.


If you’re looking for a place your kids can learn how to play polo, there are clubs available all over the world. Clubs can be found in many countries, including England, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, and also in the United Arab Emirates. You can also find them on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and forums like Redditors who post about their experiences playing polo as a kid.

Once you have found some clubs near your area and have contacted them about joining their team of kids learning how to play polo for beginners – what should you look for when deciding which one is best suited for your child? One thing that will make all the difference between having fun while learning how to ride horses or dreading every moment on horseback is finding a club that promotes good values such as discipline, respectability towards others and safety measures during games/practices (i.e., helmets). Additionally, consider affordability and depending on where in the world you live.


The most important thing to remember when learning polo is that you need a great mentor. The right person can make all the difference in your children’s gameplay, and if they are lucky enough to have someone who knows what they’re doing and guides them through the first steps on the field, it will be much easier to improve at a rapid pace.

You should also make sure that this person has experience teaching beginners and other people who want to learn polo but don’t know where to start. They should be willing and able to give helpful advice about how best for them, teach others how to play polo properly as well as how long it takes for someone new to learn this sport well until they reach an acceptable level of proficiency.

Lastly, ask the mentor questions about techniques or any noticeable weaknesses during practice sessions or games so that you as a parent can work together with the mentor on communicating those things to your children, after the sessions.

We hope these tips will help you and your children get into polo, the sport of the kings and queens. As a matter of fact, most of the polo clubs offer learning sessions for adults as well. It is a wonderful way to bond with your kids and spend time together as a family. If you want to learn more about polo lessons for your kids or other equestrian sports for beginners, don’t hesitate to contact us at