Battle for Sultan Bin Zayed Cup semi-finals hots up

On Sunday, the participating polo teams will compete and exert their best efforts to give their best as the third round matches will determine the competition’s semi-finalists of the inaugural edition of the Sultan Bin Zayed Polo Cup match at the Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Sultan Bin Zayed Polo Cup’s first edition is being held under the patronage of Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, chairman of Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club. The third round that is scheduled for Sunday will feature three polo matches between the following teams:

Abu Dhabi vs. RA Noon — 2:00pm
Anningsley Park Farm vs. Ghantoot Polo Team A — 3:30pm
Ankora vs. Ghantoot Polo Team B — 5:00pm
During the second round, Ghantoot B team won against Anningsley Park Fam by the score of 7.5 over 6. RA Noon edged past the Ankora team with the same score of 7.5 over 6, and Abu Dhabi routed Ghantoot A team with the score of 5 over 1. Both RA Noon and the Abu Dhabi polo team have secured their second consecutive wins and boosted their chances of qualifying for the semi-finals.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council is the governing partner of this tournament in collaboration with the Emirates Polo Association. For the official sponsors of the polo tournament,, Yas International Properties LLC, Yas International Holding and Alpine Rent A Car.

The Sultan Bin Zayed Polo Cup matches are being held behind closed doors as part of the polo club’s way of following the UAE’s coronavirus precautionary and preventive measures. Inspite of this, polo fans can still watch the action live through the club’s Youtube channel. Moreover, the Abu Dhabi sports channels will broadcast the final event live on February 1.