For those who are new to polo, it is a game of central Asian origin played on horseback with two teams of four players. Each of the polo players uses mallets with long and flexible handles to control and hit the ball down a lush grass field between two goal posts. The team with the most number of scores wins the game.

Also, polo is the oldest of all the equestrian sports recorded throughout history.

This page provides the necessary information and additional resources about equestrian polo in general to make sure that readers will be well informed and have an overview of what Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club has to offer to the fans and general public.

3 polo players


Polo is a popular sport worldwide and most commonly known as a sport for the royalty people. Throughout the years, as different countries also adapted the sport, the original way of playing polo has evolved and later on became the modern way of playing the game as everyone knows it.

Polo Images

There are several image galleries available containing shots from different events and polo tournaments that happened during the club’s annual polo season, including some pictures from summer activities. Check out the collection of images as far back as the year 2010 to present.

Polo Events

Annually, during the polo season in the United Arab Emirates, Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club hosts several prestigious events that are either by invitation or open to the public to join in, spectate polo tournaments and other equestrian events; participate in fun-filled activities, win prizes, and a lot more.

Polo Team

Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club’s team of professional players have traveled the globe, declared as victors, and won polo tournaments in St. Moritz and Sotongrande, among others. It is the only UAE team with a royal seal of approval, consisting of Emirati players and high-goal Argentine players.

Polo Videos

Apart from images, video galleries with scenes and full records of matches including other events, are also made available for viewers who have missed or want to review details of the tournaments from the year 2010 to present. The videos are also made available on the club’s YouTube channel.

Polo School

As part of the club’s dedication to the sport, those who are interested in learning how to play the sport of polo are welcome to be part of the polo academy. The enrollees/students will be trained by professional trainers with utmost supervision and great quality of training all throughout.

Game Statistics

Records of polo matches, tournaments, or events made available for readers to keep track of and be informed about past and recently concluded games between several polo teams on specific tournaments. Check out all of the available and downloadable PDF file records of the matches.

Polo News

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, updates, announcements, and articles made for the general public, or review the details of the previous polo matches/tournaments in text view. Get involved by submitting comments and feel free to share published content on social media platforms.

About Equestrian

Polo is one of the equestrian sports and it is best to also understand or dive into what the meaning of equestrian is all about. Get yourself informed about its meaning, its history, the available and required equestrian equipments; its three main event types — dressage, show jumping, and eventing.